Now globalisation is not just a word, and companies need to open themselves to new markets to diversify risks and optimise their competitivity. Therefore INTERNATIONALIZATION is no longer a possibility but a necessity.

Our mission at COPARIMEX is to add value to our client business by converting our knowledge into practice in intelligence, innovation and internationalisation processes.

In this manner, Coparimex offers a GLOBAL SERVICE of FOREIGN TRADE assistance and consultancy to:

  • Small and medium companies interested in developing new markets as well as exports to foreign markets
  • Foreign companies interested in penetrating the Spanish market.
  • Companies venturing forth in their initial contacts with Spanish or foreign markets with limited resources.

Coparimex can benefit your business and company in the following ways:

  • Provide information and reports of unknown markets
  • Promotion and distribution of products both within the Spanish market as well as foreign markets
  • The setting up of business in Spain as well as in any other country
  • Service assistance in legal, taxation, accounting or any other related activity
  • Provide a registered business address, P O Box, office rental with telecommunication (fax, internet) in Madrid, the capital of Spain, gateway to Europe and South America.

Our objective is to help you establish your company and business securely with the minimum amount of time and money within ANY FOREIGN MARKET.

To achieve our goals, we have a young team of highly trained people specializing in diverse fields, and our office set up easily meets the standards of any company looking for INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.