Individualised search and detailed analysis of potential customers according to product and company in the whole of the national market, and/or in other foreign markets

Undoubtedly, databases of manufacturers, distributors and other market agents are a fundamental tool for working in foreign trade. Nevertheless, one of the problems encountered is its lack of precision. It is common to find listed, main distributors or manufacturers of a specific product, companies that do not distribute/manufacture the said product, or it may just be their secondary product. Other obstacles would be outdated information or omission of relevant information relating to brands, pricing, buying conditions, etc.

These problems are a consequence of the high complexity and the ambitiousness of these databases, resulting in incomplete lists.

Coparimex is aware of this lack of information. Consequentially, it offers its experience and deep knowledge of the market to provide you a service of detailed and individualised analysis of potential buyers, suppliers and commercial agents who will fulfil your expectations and needs, responding to questions such as:

  • Who are the real market leaders of your products?
  • Which companies are truly specialised in their products and are financially sound?
  • Who are the best candidates to represent your products: agents, distributors, etc.