Preparation of agendas and meetings with selected customers based on our analysis, organising of your business trip to Spain (including services such as ticket purchase, hotel reservations, car rental, translation services, organising business lunches and other complementary services)

As indicated in our presentation, the fundamental aim of Coparimex is providing customers with a co-ordinated and global service to satisfy all needs and expectations, and not just a mere tug at specific services.

Coparimex first pre-selects for companies, a list of potential clients with a likely rate of success. Coparimex further offers options of organising the complete agenda of meetings with the potential clients, suppliers or exclusive agents. Additional services are available, of purchasing tickets, hotel reservations, vehicle rentals, translation services, organising business lunches and other related activities (rental of space/halls for presentations of products and invitation of potential clients, organisation of guided visits, etc.