Sector reports and personalised market studies with the purpose of comparing the facts of a different market.

The guarantee of success for a company in a specific market always comes from a deep analysis of all the elements.

Coparimex can facilitate your understanding of the new market as a whole, by offering reports on different sectors that include:

  • General information of the country: Outlines of its political and economic situation.
  • Characteristics of demand: Consumption level in a particular market, regions with the highest consumption, periods with the highest consumption or if the profile of our products is adapted to the requirements of the main consumers, identifying the more interesting market niches, depending on the social condition, per capita….
  • Characteristics of the offer: Who and how are our competitors (who are the market leaders, which market shares do they have, where the offer is located, main brands, etc…)
  • Commercialisation factors: Which are the main selling channels, main publicity channels, marketing of the product, legal aspects (rules and certifications), etc.