Support and assistance in Fair trade shows in the Spanish market as well as abroad and possible participation as expositors or visitors.

Fair trade shows are an important method of external commercialisation due to the fact that most of the professionals of one sector are thrown together for a few days. This is a perfect occasion for any company to start commercial relationships with foreign clients.

However, many companies do not have the time or means to carry a previous study of evaluating the best participating plans, the best visits of the year and the best strategy to follow in each of the trade fair/shows abroad in which they work in or visit.

As in any investments, participating in any fairs/shows require a maximum usage of investment resources, and for the same reason, it is necessary to apply the following steps:

  • Undertake prior analysis of the different potential markets (demand, competence, consumers’ preferences, tendencies and trends, commercialisation factors, etc.) in order to decide which markets to focus on. In other words, it is necessary to establish preferences and decide objectively in which markets the products have more chances of success.
  • Analysis of the best participating strategy. Although it may appear obvious, it is not always easy to grasp the business culture, traditions, and attitudes of the local agents who visit a trade fair/show. Hence, for a successful participation in a trade fair/show, it is necessary to know some business customs such as the usual payment period, possible tax rebates in that country, system of payment, main banks and their guarantee ratios.

Likewise, Coparimex can provide you with market intelligence on the competitive placing of your products in the market, trade fair/shows which are better adapted to your products and the most applicable marketing strategies.

Logistically, Coparimex offers to organise your participation in trade fairs/shows:

Rental of exhibition space/stand, decoration and design, hostess service, business mailings prior to your attendance, preparation of agendas, translation services, preparing of promotional materials and its translation, purchase of transportation tickets, hotel reservations, etc.